Industry: OIL & GAS

West Texas Fracking Sand Terminals, Mine Sites, and Bulk Storage

MIINC Mechanical took on the construction of West Texas fracking sand terminals, mine sites, and bulk storage facilities. Included in the above was the largest bulk sand terminal in North America.

These projects required MIINC to adhere to the mining industry’s operational safety requirements, governed by MSHA instead of OSHA, demanding meticulous compliance. The accelerated construction schedule also sought to open the plant at a certain high market value for sand. To overcome these obstacles, MIINC implemented split crews, working around the clock, 24/7, to expedite the project.

MIINC engineers and technicians completed the civil work and installed structural steel and piping systems. They set up equipment at multiple sites, including the largest bulk sand terminal in North America and some of the tallest storage tanks in Monahans. Today, the sand mine built by MIINC Mechanical continues to serve the energy sector, supplying a considerable share of demand.

This project reflects MIINC Mechanical’s ability to navigate rigorous safety requirements yet still deliver on accelerated schedules, showcasing their expertise and confidence.