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The true value of working with MIINC is having a trusted, reliable partner that goes the extra mile to ensure every project is a mutual success.

About miinc mechanical contractors

Since opening our doors in 1984, MIINC has built a hard-won reputation for completing technically challenging projects that stay on schedule, and within budget, without sacrificing the exceptional craftsmanship, we’ve become known for bringing to every project.

Our clients experience the success that comes with finished projects delivered as promised at the end of a trouble-free process. And we measure success by our ability to cultivate an ongoing, multi-project relationship with our clients.

We strive to ensure our clients are eager to work with us on their upcoming projects by honoring our promises, providing clear, quick communication, and putting the client’s best interest first. MIINC customers trust in the reliability, value, and effective project management that comes with choosing us as a project partner.

Our culture

miinc mechanical contractors

MIINC’s faith-based culture emphasizes honesty, integrity, service, and safety as our core principles. Our company culture values collaboration and teamwork to ensure seamless coordination between trades and specialties. MIINC also embraces technical expertise, quality workmanship, and total customer satisfaction. These are the shared beliefs, values, and attitudes of the MIINC workforce while honoring God.


We will provide the highest quality systems and services while honoring God, which results in the success of our clients, employees, and company.


To be recognized as one of the leading providers of mechanical system solutions to our customers in Texas and targeted locations throughout the United States and internationally.

quality commitment

MIINC will always strive to maintain the highest standards in providing mechanical system solutions to its customers.

Three decades of commitment to

purpose & passion

MIINC ‘s purpose is to provide a secure and gratifying workplace for all its employees. Furthermore, the company is committed to delivering exceptional customer service for our clients.

At the core of our business is a desire to build lasting relationships that stand the test of time. Whether with our team or clients, MIINC is passionate about every partnership we forge. We know we’re only as strong as the bonds we create with our employees and clients. Thus, our success is about having the best solutions and the right people to deliver them.


john jordan


cory kent

Vice President

john medley

Vice President
Industrial Operations

Alan milby

Vice President

brian riley

Vice President
Logistics & Fabrication

project management team

geoff sable

geoff sable

Sr. Project Manager

don fox

Project Manager

josh Welch

Project Manager

rodney taylor

Project Manager

blake johnson

Project Manager

luke armstrong

Project Manager

zach beshires

Project Manager


ryan sammons

Service Sales Manager

rick beaudin

Service Sales

paul casarez

Service Coordinator

Michael Brown

Service Coordinator

Derek Williams

Service Sales

Support Team

marcia rhoades

Office Manager

david beam

Safety Director

Othon guillien

CAD Manager

jim barrilleaux

Senior Professional Engineer

rick johnson

Fabrication Manager/Certified Welding Inspector

Jackson Jordan

Accounting Administrator