fabrication services

Our prefabrication space allows excellent opportunities for header building and securing for straight-to-job delivery and placement. We have the ability to pre-fabricate both waste and water systems as the projects require.

Our fabrication capabilities extend from light commercial tasks to heavy industrial projects

MIINC’s fabrication shop is equipped with an overhead crane service that helps move pipe fabrications from the outside passageway to our automated cutting table and then onto the production weld lines. Our multifunction welding stations are operated by certified welders and can handle almost any piping or structural fabrication needs.

  • Small and Large Bore Pipe & Structural Fabrication
  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous alloys
  • Any Wall Thickness
  • UA-Certified Welders
  • Certified Welding Inspector (CWI / AWS-QC 1)
  • Newly Updated Multifunction Welding Machines
  • Welding Positioners / Rollers
  • Automated Pipe Cutting (Oxy-Acetylene or Plasma)
  • 5×10 Automated Plasma Table
  • 65-Ton Hydraulic Iron Worker
  • Multiple Overhead Cranes
  • Roll and Cut Groove Fabrications
  • Pro-Press Fabrication Assemblies

UA-certified Welders

At MIINC, our certified welders collaborate with our certified in-house welding inspector. We have welding procedure specifications and qualification records for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, with wall thicknesses ranging from Schedule 5 through Schedule 160. We have achieved the United Association’s authorization to prefabricate for the entire United States and Canada, with a UA “bug” or credential sticker verifying that our prefabrications are being constructed by qualified and skilled UA personnel.

High-Purity Fabrication Capabilities

The corporate office of MIINC Mechanical holds a cleanroom for fabricating extremely pure and ultra-high-purity systems and components. This area is equipped with HEPA filters and laminar airflow to preserve an air quality as low as Class 100. Additionally, there is an ultra-pure/DI water supply system and bulk UHP inert gas delivery system. All HP & UHP stainless systems are purged with electronics grade argon (certified at 99.999% purity) which runs through GateKeeper® purifier systems and is delivered via stainless steel tubing to the source used for all cutting, facing, and welding operations.