The MIINC team is built around an empowerment mindset. Every employee is fully accountable for their work and given the authority to make sound decisions, alter issues before they become problems, and act to “make it right.” We instill a sense of teamwork and ownership, creating the most conscientious and reliable mechanical team in our market.

Prioritizing and rewarding mutual success above all

The leadership team at MIINC strives to create a safe, exciting, and prosperous environment where individuals can develop personally and professionally with a clear vision for the future. We provide the necessary training to equip our employees with the skills needed to reach their peak career potential. In addition, we reward and recognize hard work and dedication with above-industry compensation, excellent benefits, and stability. Moreover, our faith leads us to act responsibly, dedicating ourselves to caring for one another and advocating for the success of our clients and the betterment of our community.

Our Core



Be honest and ethical.


Build lasting relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual success.


Treat clients with respect and courtesy at all times.


Be accountable – accept the responsibility to do the job right


Give our clients economic and emotional value.


Make and keep commitments.


Anticipate and rapidly respond to clients’ needs.


Use thoughtful and thorough planning and coordination.


Maintain the highest quality of service as standard.

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MIINC L.P. is an equal opportunity employer. Employment is based solely on a person’s merit and qualifications directly related to professional competence.

Location: Dallas, TX
Reports To: President

Responsibilities and Principal Duties:

  1. Provide leadership that is consistent with established Mission, Vision, Values and Quality Statement of MIINC LP. MIINC has chosen Servant Leadership as the appropriate model to reflect the culture of our team.
  2. Lead the Commercial business unit to achieve company goals related to safety, quality, customer perception, profitability and ministry. The key metric for measuring financial performance is Return on Assets (ROA). You will be expected to impact key performance indicators through your selection of and leadership of the Commercial BU team. Leadership at MIINC is gaining buy-in that leads to results.
  3. Oversee all aspects of the business unit through an aligned Commercial BU Leadership Team. This includes Sales, Project Management, Operations, Dispatch and Team Performance.
    1. Sales – Ensure that the Commercial Team develops a good Top Account plan, account managers diligently pursue relationship and opportunity building with the Top Accounts, bid review protocols are followed, and the Business Unit achieves its annual revenue and profitability goal.
    2. Project Management – Provide oversight, evaluation, and improvement of the effectiveness of the Commercial project management team. The team is to adhere to the project management processes as established by the MIINC Leadership Team. The ultimate goal of Project Management is to deliver safe, profitable, solutions to our customers while maximizing customer satisfaction. This includes successful management of commercial issues from scope clarification to change order excellence to retention collection. Project outcomes are the core of our business.
    3. Operations – All daily functions of the branch are ultimately the responsibility of the branch manager. These operations include, but are not limited to, managing and coordinating Commercial people, tooling and equipment resources to meet the needs of MIINC customers, ensuring all company policies and processes are followed, and employees are supported in their work. This includes managing all work to our quality standards and quality commitment.
    4. Team Performance – People are the core of MIINC’s value and purpose. Provide the Commercial team with clarity regarding the culture and direction of the company, goals of the company and Commercial BU team, and their specific role and responsibilities as it relates to BU and company goals. Ensure that the team receives feedback, coaching, recognition and experiences accountability.
  4. In alignment with the President and MLT, communicate vision, strategy, and overall performance. In addition, support company growth by developing new business, teams, and capabilities.
  5. The General Manager’s responsibilities are largely about people. Recruit, train, and replicate the best people for the industry. Coach, counsel, correct, develop and encourage. This part of the position cannot be overstated.

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John Jordan, MIINC Mechanical

The people in our company are what sets us apart. We buy into the mission and what we’re doing here. Like any good, successful company, it’s the people that work there that make it or break it. And I believe in everybody here.

John Jordan, VP of Energy
MIINC Team Member Since 2014