Southwest Airlines Wings

This project involved most of the HVAC piping and all the plumbing for an 18-bay pilot simulator facility with a six-story office addition.

One of the unique challenges was the custom-built simulators, as MIINC had to adapt to a new model for the first time. The storm drain pits also presented some difficulties as they had to be constructed 30 feet below ground. At this depth, MIINC encountered the water table, necessitating drains’ capping.

Despite these obstacles, the company technicians met the construction timeline of 18 months and a budget of approximately $15 million. Indeed, MIINC’s HVAC piping and plumbing expertise was crucial in delivering a successful outcome.

MIINC Mechanical has had a strong and continuing relationship with Southwest Airlines since 1997. This partnership allowed for a design-assist approach, enabling MIINC to align the project with the client’s requirements and funding. Thus, the project garnered high satisfaction from all parties involved, where both the general contractor and the owner expressed total satisfaction with the final outcome.