Texas Tech

This project included the installation of two new chillers for Texas Tech University’s Heating/Cooling Plant #1. What sticks out about the project were the two chillers, the largest chillers Carrier produces.

MIINC Mechanical provided a month and a half of prefabrication at our in-house shop to accommodate the project’s unique needs. Each chiller had to be disassembled for lift and placement by crane, where MIINC reassembled them. Part of the fabrication needs of the project included custom prefabricated 18-30” piping, additional structural steel support at the installation sign, and electrical for the unique 4160V requirements of the large chillers.

MIINC was able to complete the total installation in one month with all the additional work necessary to bring the project to a close. This extra work included serving HVAC through 20 backup units in the parking lot when one of the chillers had a part that initially failed. The backup units were able to be quickly set in place and integrated into the system while waiting for the replacement part from the manufacturer to repair the unit.

Despite the initial equipment failure, the project was a complete success and helped the MIINC team prove our capabilities with increasingly larger equipment and unique project needs.