Industry: OIL & GAS

Port Fourchon

Over the years, MIINC has undertaken multiple projects at Port Fourchon, including service work, installation of silos, and maintenance of piping systems. This $11 million project at the Halliburton facility encompassed three yards supporting petroleum drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico. MIINC was tasked with piping and loading systems for ship transfers.

There were several hurdles to overcome throughout the Port Fourchon project. MIINC had to navigate the aftermath of Hurricane Ida in 2020, which caused significant damage in the area. Despite the challenging conditions, MIINC quickly mobilized, arriving on-site within two weeks to restore and resume production operations.

The project entailed the installation of fiberglass, carbon, and steel piping, carefully planned using BIN modeling to ensure proper implementation. MIINC also utilized pneumatic pumps to move dry particulates effectively through the system.

MIINC’s longstanding relationship with Halliburton and outstanding track record at Port Fourchon highlight its expertise and dependability. Thus, the company is an established and trusted partner supporting Port Fourchon’s petroleum drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico.